• RAISE’s hands-on activities at the Lisbon Book Fair

In the Lisbon Book Fair, which took place from May 25 to June 13, 2023, in the Parque Eduardo VII, RAISE organised a pre-event for the European Researchers’ Night in collaboration with the publisher Gradiva.

Two afternoons were dedicated to hands-on experiences tailored for families and children, organised by iMM. Led by the Edgar Gomes Lab, “Muscle in 3D” offered participants the opportunity to explore intricate 3D models of muscle tissue and cells, providing an immersive journey into the complexities of human biology.

On the second afternoon, the Bioimaging Unit of iMM captivated the Book Fair attendees with “The micro-world: cells, fish, and other living things under the microscope.” Delving into the realm of microscopy, visitors peered through lenses to uncover the hidden wonders of the microscopic universe, from intricate tissues to the mesmerising samples of zebrafish.

  • Science on the Walls x RAISE Summer Camp

The RAISE consortium – Researchers in Action for Inclusion in Science and Education, in collaboration with the Science on the Walls project, successfully held a summer camp at the Associação de Solidariedade Social do Alto da Cova da Moura. The programme, which took place in two phases – from 24 to 31 July and from 4 to 9 September – offered a group of local children a unique educational experience, combining science, art, and environmental awareness.

In the first week, participants enjoyed a variety of activities. Highlights included a chess tournament and workshops on marine litter and biodiversity, in partnership with Kids Dive, which also contributed to raising awareness of the preservation of marine ecosystems. Enriching visits to the Lisbon Oceanarium and the Lisbon Zoo, as well as a talk on biodiversity, complemented this educational experience, which will remain in the memory of all participants, children, young people, and scientists from the Champalimaud Foundation.

September brought more creativity and scientific exploration. The children, now young scientists and artists, took part in practical workshops where they explored concepts like pH and density, extracted DNA from fruit, and delved into the world of neuroscience. Throughout this experience, art was also a constant presence, with workshops in screen printing, embroidery, ceramics, and music, culminating in the creation of a graffiti mural and two stop motion videos, led by local artists:

  • Practical scientific workshops with scientists from the Champalimaud Foundation
  • Screen printing workshop with Vitor (Bazofo)
  • Clothing embroidery workshop with Elda Joaquim (Kapulana San)
  • Ceramics workshop (tile making) with Filipe Mendes and Sasha Webb
  • Music workshop with João Pina
  • Graffiti mural painting with Moami, Manoel Quiteiro, and Vírus
  • Film-making with Giuliano La Franca, Millad Khonsorkh and Desirée Kong


The last two photographs were taken by Fernando Ngloa, a photographer who collaborated on the day of the mural painting.

To conclude the summer camp activities in the best possible way, the children had the opportunity to go rock pooling in Praia das Avencas, on October 1st. Llater, on November 5th, they explored the aquatic depths and went scuba diving with Kids Dive. In these activities the kids had the chance to look at different animals and learn about their ecology, behaviour and how best to protect them.

We believe in the impact that initiatives like this have on empowering young people and the activity leaders themselves. Therefore, the impact of this summer camp will be evaluated by ImpactEd, a partner of the RAISE consortium. The results will be published on this website, allowing us to study the power of inclusive education in science and arts.

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